About me

Hello, Clara Buck here,clara buck

This blog is all about diabetes as world epidemic disease.

I published it to help all of you that have diabetes and for all of you who worry about your health.

I was obese and had diabetes type 2. I was tired of taking medications every day, I had to take control.

So, I decided to know all about my disease and tried to do my best to reverse or prevent it for good.

I can say that diabetes type 2 is curable, so don`t hasitate to take control over your disease now. Before taking any changes talk with your doctor first.

Diabetes is just telling you that something in your body isn`t working as it should, so let`s get to know it and fight against it.

The site will teach you:

  •  why do we get diabetes
  •  how does diabetes develop
  •  what we shouldn`t do to if we have the disease and if we want to prevent it
  •  advice on how to cope with disease daily
  •  review of diabetes products on the market
  •  and much more

If you want to know more about the diabetes disease, you are in the right place.